Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Hi everyone and welcome to my NEW blog Patterson in Primary!  I cannot tell you how excited I am to start this new adventure and share my experiences and day to day happenings as a teacher.

Since it is summertime (thank goodness) my first posts will be about summer professional development, classroom prepping (my theme for 2015-2016 is SUPER cute), and even some vacation details.  My blog will officially launch at the end of June, but I wanted to get something started for anyone who happened to come across this blog.

For are some of my favorites for SUMMER:

Paisley Notebook and Flair Pens (purchased at Target).  I am in LOVE with these!  I bought these as a special treat for my summer PD classes.  Taking notes in a cute notebook with colorful pens is a MUST in summer :).

I just finished a PD class called, Critical Reading Strategies, for 2nd-3rd grade students and the presenters let us use these cute and tiny Lakeshore erasers to erase our work off of this awesome paper called Wizard Paper!  Wizard Paper is AMAZING!  It is like chart paper that clings to any surface and you can use whiteboard markers that just wipe off!  This paper can be used for anchor charts, student collaboration, and more!  I will do a WHOLE blog post devoted to this cool paper once the school year starts.  (Wizard Wall paper not photographed)

And FINALLY my absolute favorite summer treasure is my new Better Life Bag from!  It isn't really summer related, but I just got it in and I have been carrying it around everywhere!  They are these cute custom bags that are created by women who are in need of jobs.  Better Life Bags provides the work space and materials so that they can provide for their families.  Please check out the website :).  My Better Life Bag is sitting up against Violet's sand toys at our local park.  

I hope you are having an awesome summer and I can't wait to start blogging on the regular!  


  1. Can't wait to Network and welcome to fabulous world of blogging!

  2. I keep getting an apology from Google for not being able to fulfill my request to follow you!