Monday, June 8, 2015

Heart Confessions: Summer Linky

I am loving all these summer link ups with my new blogging friends!  As a new blogger I am finding the blogging world a bit intimidating, but have a few veterans who are willing to help me out! One of my new blogger friends is Mrs. Bryant!  She is a NM blogger too and I am really happy that I was able to connect with her.  She started this totally awesome linky called Heart Confessions and I am jumping on the bandwagon to list some of my summer confessions for you :).

Heart Confession #1: I spend way too much time with my nose in my Kindle over the summer :).  Okay, that's kind of a lie...I spend way too much time with my nose in my Kindle ALWAYS!  I love to read! I read pretty much anything and enjoy when others make recommendations too!  I have a HUGE addiction to YA novels and am particularly fond of series such as Hunger Games, The Uglies, and the Maze Runner.  Dystopian Fiction much?  I think so!   

Heart Confession #2: I tend to get a bit obsessive when searching and creating things for my new classroom theme! I love to scavenger at garage sales, thrift stores, and vintage shops when looking for items/materials for my upcoming classroom theme.  I love THEMED CLASSROOMS!  Last year, my classroom was decked out in all things PIRATE.  My husband built an awesome pirate ship reading nook and we covered my reading crates with this amazing pirate fabric.  To me, having a theme in the class makes learning more interesting.  My students love to find stuff themed related too, whether it be picture books, stuffed animals, or rare finds such as PIRATE MAPS :).  Here is a SNEAK PEEK at a fabric swatch that is my inspiration for my new theme.  Any guesses as to what it is?  
Heart Confession #3: I cherish the memories I get to make with my own kiddos over the summer!  During the school year, our lives can be pretty hectic and we sometimes forget to slow down.  Over the summer we can take our time and really appreciate the little things.  I especially love the mornings that both of my kiddos climb into bed and snuggle with me.  We don't have to rush off anywhere and can just hang out!  This is my FAVORITE part of summer!! Spending time reconnecting with my littles and making lasting memories.  

Don't forget to hop on over to Mrs. Bryant's Blog!  Click her FAB button below :). 



  1. I love #3, I can totally relate and understand!! That's one of my favorite things of been a mommy!!!! :)

  2. I'm doing a Safari theme this year and I'm so excited! I think your super hero theme will be fun!
    On the Go Teacher Mama

    1. I like the idea of a safari theme :). Themes make me happy and helps to bring a sense of commonality into my classroom. Most children can relate to a certain aspect of our theme, which in turns makes them feel included!