Saturday, August 15, 2015

Meet the Teacher

Nailed it!  My Meet the Teacher morning was a success and I survived the first two days of school, thankfully!  Here is a peek at my room for Meet the Teacher:

As parents and students walked in I welcomed them and introduced myself.  Then, I directed them to my WELCOME table!  This year, I decided to create stations for parents and students to follow.  It was one of the BEST decisions ever!  Each family grabbed a checklist and were told to visit each station.  My new kiddos were excited to check things off their list :). #checklist  

All of the station headers can be found in my TPT store here and they are editable too!  

My parents LOOOOOVED this!  I had my laptop out with a google docs page where parents could add their emails and contact information.  Parents thought this was a FAB idea :) #parentpoints

Station #2 was all about CLASS DOJO!  At this station I had folders with students names and inside were the sign-up instructions for Class Dojo.  My parents were really impressed with this and some of them signed up that morning :).  #parentcommunication

Station #3 was all about parent volunteers! Some of my parents sat and filled out forms, while others picked up the papers and took it home with them :).  Both ways worked out great!  I had 9 parents (out of 16) sign up to volunteer in my class...that's a RECORD!! #parentvolunteers

My students thought this station was pretty AWESOME!  They giggled as they read some of my favorites and some of them couldn't believe that my favorite hobby was reading!  This little sheet opened up a lot of conversation with my students and parents :).  #Allaboutme

This station was a HIT!  I got the idea after attending my teacher bestie's wedding this summer :).  I got these AMAZING Photo Booth props from Hope Kings superhero pack which can be found here! This was super simple to set-up.  Here are the steps:
*Create a background.  I did this with wrapping paper.  I hung up some red wrapping paper that I bought from Walmart.  
*Print out photo booth props that match your theme!  
*Set-up some sort of camera area.  I used my iPad and I propped it up on some boxes that are covered with superhero fabric.  
*Use a selfie clicker that allows parents/students to manage the photo booth themselves.  I used a device called TheSelfie that can be found on Amazon here.  #selfietime

On student desks I left a little postcard and treat!  These are also apart of the Hope King superhero unit :).  My kiddos thought these were pretty cool.  I think I earned some street cred with them :).  #superheroswag

My families LOVED our Meet the Teacher and I did too!  Stations saved me and really kept parents/students moving!  I hope you all have a great Meet the Teacher or Open House too!  Stay tuned for my classroom reveal in a couple of days!!