Thursday, July 16, 2015

iTunes U Course

Man, this summer is just flying by!  So many teachers, including myself, have so many projects or PD that they are doing over the summer, which means we never truly go on "vacation".  I have been super busy this summer working with my school district on publishing PD courses for teachers in iTunes U.  The whole process has been challenging, eye-opening, fun, and rewarding.

The goal for the iTunes U courses are to give teachers in our district different examples on how to incorporate technology into their classrooms.  Each course is filled with lesson plans, student exemplars, testimonials, and more!  So far, our district has published a handful of courses, but the plan is to have around 70 before the start of the new school year.  This, to me, is such an AMAZING thing because teachers are sharing and collaborating with one another at a district level.

My course is pretty fabulous and it focuses on assessment.  Have you heard of the online assessment tool called Kahoot?  Well, if you haven't it is pretty amazing!  Teachers are constantly assessing their students.  In this "data driven" day and age, teachers are looking for instant feedback to drive there instruction and make their lessons more meaningful.  However, we all know that assessments can be daunting and overwhelming to students.  Kahoot makes assessing students more fun!  It is a student response system for creating and administering game-like quizzes.

Kahoot has a ton to offer and because of this my course focuses on a few smaller components.  The components that are covered in my course are: ways to access resources available through the Kahoot website, using Kahoot to assess sight words in a kindergarten classroom, and incorporating Kahoot in a collaborative assessment setting.

Here is a SNEAK PEEK of my class playing a collaborative Kahoot with another class in our district!

Check out my course and share with friends!!  Here is the link:

Also, visit the Kahoot website for more information @


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